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Arts is Motion 

Spring of 2022, MAPmgm invited acclaimed French artist, Hopare, to visit Montgomery, engage with the community and create an original work based upon his experience. Over the two week humanitarian visit, Hopare created a large-scale original mural, entitled CITIZEN on the One Court Square Tower, and a mural portrait, VALDA, at Kress on Dexter.  To convert his message, Hopare was inspired to depict living citizens of Montgomery, sharing their human stories.  The visit culminated the the Arts in Motion Festival--a vibrant celebration of Montgomery's creative culture. 


The simple act of arts in motion transcended all barriers, fostering meaningful new bonds of friendship, discovery and connection.  

"This project revives a major act in the history of Black American civil rights around a founding act of Martin Luther King for all of us, the need to return to another order of life, to a new vision: to consume better, to think together, to share in order to build and move forward.  Humanity must be able to resemble the best in each one of us."


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