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Inside Out: We are the Dream 


"Inside Out: We are the Dream" was a mosaic of humanity, of home, of hope on one of the most historic streets in America, Dexter Avenue.  April 2019, the people of Montgomery, Alabama gathered together on Dexter Avenue in unity to proclaim: "We are the Dream".  It marked the culmination of an 8 week "Inside Out" grass roots community art project that involved thousands of local participants from all parts of the city.  These citizens share a desire to present a more accurate portrait of Montgomery from the "inside"--a community of individuals who are loving, intelligent, proud, passionate, creative and evolving together.   "We are the Dream" reminds us  that the power to transform exists within each of us; that an engaged loving community is the way forward.  This group statement is being made in the heart of downtown Montgomery--a place that contains a layered, complex, powerful history of human struggle and redemption.  We hope this group message inspires you to dream with us, to consider another perspective, and the create change from the "inside out.“



Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 7.25.44 AM.png
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