MAPmgm is an overarching arts & humanities initiative to foster human connection, opportunity, and a renewed sense of community through shared arts experiences.  We fuel the arts to re-envision a community. We provide the platforms and the resources for creative magic to unfold.


visual arts.  storytelling.  spoken word.  music theatre. literature.  dance.  interactive AI/digital.



MAP/ is a grass roots organization whose activities are fully funded by donations from kindred spirits.  Every cent is redeployed to support creatives, to foster human expression and to bring multidimensional joy to the Montgomery community.  

Support by giving to the Central Alabama Community Foundation (501c3)/MAP  

“It’s time to chart a new human map: one that guides us home, one that forges new relationships, one that ignites new pathways forward.” 

                                                                          - Sarah Beatty Buller,  Founder

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